At AM:PM Cafe, we believe in bringing an innovative cafe experience at affordable prices.
Everyone deserves a quality pick-me-up treat, without the hassle of venturing into town.

Find us nestled in the heart of Ang Mo Kio.

Our Mission
  • Inject creativity, quality and fun into an enjoyable dining experience.

  • Support heartland businesses.

  • Experiment with new flavors of soft served ice cream.

  • You deserve the best cafe experience just a few steps from home.


Our team have always enjoyed going to cafes, they are like little oasis that give us a peace of mind and to enjoy time with friends. Nonetheless, it was particularly tiresome to have to travel to town and hip areas just to get a cup of coffee. Hence, we had a crazy idea to bring the cafe oasis experience to our neighborhood in Ang Mo Kio.


We aim to make Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 the next hip area to be, offering delicious treats at friendly prices, right at your doorstep. Our ambitious team strongly believe in helping to contribute to the diversity in local cafe F&B scene.